The Mind Of A Young Adult.

As most people have experienced when they become a young adult, you start worrying about absolutely everything. You get concerned about goals you haven’t achieved, what you have yet to achieve and mostly about your future.

I had such high expectations of this year and I wouldn’t say I am upset. I didn’t achieve what I thought I would but I’m still in the process and I have reassessed my goals and set more realistic goals.

Not every person is the same, I know a lot of my friends or acquaintances that don’t plan their future and they ‘live in the moment’. There is more to life than how many Southern Comforts you can stomach and how much shisha you can post about. I’m not saying people have bad goals or are ruining their lives but what I cannot stand is when you spend your every second trying to balance work, school, fitness and keep yourself happy and positive but there is someone who isn’t trying as hard but is getting there easier.

My birthday is coming up and it’s an important one. I cant help but think about all the days I decided to go out and test my ‘tipping point’ instead of trying to improve myself. The endless nights I cried about how much I need to improve myself and I knew how I would be able to but I was beyond lazy and I didn’t have the determination. I’m on the path to perfection and God knows its a long one but with this birthday coming up I am beyond stressed.

Everyone has these ‘life goals’ they dream of but I don’t see anyone putting in the effort they need to, to get there. Every week I see continuous streams of party pictures and people gloating about how they were ‘turnt’. You won’t find the key to success in the bottom of a bottle. You won’t find the materials to make you happy in a late night with the lads every second day. I understand people grow up and mature at a different pace but I then see someone who says how much they have worked for what they have and you start to gain respect but they have really just asked daddy for some help.

My friends as well as partying occasionally, go to work, study, have a clear goal of what they would like their future to be like and they have a plan to make it there. You need to surround yourself with the right people in order to get yourself to the correct places. Every single one of my closest friends has been such an inspiration to me in the way that they have all suffered such devastation in their lives and they have had everything try to stop them and stop their determination but I have had the pleasure of watching them climb the broken ladder to the top.

I just hope I can become the person they are, to continue my journey of chasing perfection and to achieve excellence in the process.


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