Hello? Can anyone hear us? Or have we become an echo.

​Hello? Can anyone hear us? Or have we become an echo.

Once upon a time.. Zimbabwe was a beautiful tourist destination. Covered in flowers, an overwhelming heat and one of the seven wonders of the world. We have always been here and it has not been easy but we have always remained. Strong. Together. As one. What stands now is cruelty, devastation and inhuman living standards. Are you scared to leave your house to drive down a main road? I am. Are you in lock down due to the inhospitable environment? I am.

There’s not much one young girl can do but I figured it’s as good of a time as any to express my pain filled heart and depression. I used to walk the roads with my mother, chat to pedestrians and wave at cars. I couldn’t do such a thing now, would I be ‘stoned’, lit alight or have an even worse consequence for such an innocent action. The demolished town we now stand in has become sad. Barbaric people surrounding us.

We’ve always suffered some kind of difficulty, poverty – we survived and remain struggling.
The economy – has fallen to ashes yet lifted again.
Shortages – many have had nothing for days hoping for a brighter future. 

Those that occupy our beautiful land have suffered, saddened, broken and always risen. We stand by our land. We call it home for once and for always. It’s Zimbabwe. It’s Africa. You can travel a million miles and million further and find yourself comfortable but you will never have another home as you did here.

‘Pray for Zimbabwe’ has recently become a phrase used often now. I understand why, I do but yet again. Is that all you’re to do? Sit and home and fold your hands together? Is that what it’s come to? Staying off roads out of fear – understandable! Locking your houses twice as much – acceptable! But to sit back and watch your country die, one person at a time? Unforgivable. We used to Unite. We used to have hope. We used to believe in our country and each other..

We aren’t only humans. We are Zimbabweans. We naturally have a tougher background, having farms, mines and mud surrounding us we knowledgeably grew up. Patient, understanding and forgiving. Majority of us had old school teachings of respect and your attitude for that was how your great grandparents did it.

We are stronger than this darkness for it will leave us. We won’t fold because of pressure for we have dealt with worse. We aren’t supposed too let go and let our beautiful country die for it is us, our mechanics and teachings. We are Zimbabwean but many can be a nationality, what matters is that Zimbabwe is us. How we run it. How we treat it.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to live with freedom and courage? I do. But I let Zimbabwe be me as I am Zimbabwes child.

Sending love from a tragedy struck, brutal, damaged but hopeful and loving country. Zimbabwe 


38 thoughts on “Hello? Can anyone hear us? Or have we become an echo.

    1. carstenshayley says:

      It’s all we can do. I believe there is more we can do as this helplessly feeling is horrid but what can we do without being hurt ourselves? Prayer is all we can do. What we are doing. Thank you for you comment. X


  1. lOURDES wIGGINS says:



  2. heather says:

    I still live in Bulawayo. Of all days my Mom had a bp attack this morning and couldn’t get her doc. She fortunately is much better but was terrified to go out the house today so had to promise to look after her at home. I love this country and have no intention of ever leaving. I also take strength in knowing our prayers are heard and will be answered. Hang in there and stay strong.


    1. carstenshayley says:

      How is bulawayo doing today? Harare is scarily peaceful. Oh gosh, out of all days, I really hope your mum is okay and continues to improve if not at full health. I’ve been terrified to leave the house as well although my friends and parents have been around town and said it’s perfectly fine. We are all praying, being strong and just holding on to this beautiful country! Thank you for your comment.. it’s very much so appreciated.. I hope things look up and your day has been good..


  3. Anne Napier says:

    I am in the UK but can imagine how traumatic the situation must feel in Zim. I am sending positive prayers for a positively good outcome for all of you over there. There are hundreds of people, inside and outside of Zimbabwe who are praying for you. God hears all xxx


  4. Joanne Gedye says:

    Hello there. I too am in the uk now though my heart will always be home in Zim. You are all in my thoughts and prayers right now. Be strong beautiful people! We hear you…. You are not an echo!


    1. carstenshayley says:

      Hey there Joanne! Thank you so much for your comment and your words, they’re very refreshing and definitely what I needed to hear.. thank you again, for your comment and your time!


  5. Helen Anne Morris Holness says:

    So many memories of beautiful Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Grew up on the mines, encountered the terrorism first hand and just so very, very sad to see our beautiful country in such a state and it’s people suffering at the hands of Monster Mugabe. He just doesn’t want to die … as the saying goes, “The good die young”, … the evil persist … just goes to show how evil the man and his followers are! Love you Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and my heart and love goes out to all those loyal, loving, caring people who are now enduring such suffering at the hands of Mugabe.Keep your spirits up and most importantly, your ‘energy’ high thereby preventing these evil souls from winning by spreading hate, greed and evil. xxx Love ‘n Light fellow Zimbabweans xxx


    1. carstenshayley says:

      Wow, your comment had brought nothing but utter joy and hope to me. It has caused so much devastation to us all but the only way is up from here. Thank you so much for you time and comment. Xxxx


  6. Clare says:

    We had the best childhood in Bulawayo, grew up and had fun as teenagers and we stood up to the terrorists in the 70s. It breaks my heart that so many people are suffering in the country I will always call “home”. In my thoughts and prayers always.


  7. Sadie Walshe says:

    With the amount of people praying for you and your very positive approach things can only get better,hang in there. I also love Rhodesia/Zimbabwe having grown up there ,just love that country!


  8. thephraser says:

    We’re with you Zim … listening, waiting, watching and very, very grateful for the news that makes its way out to us. We’ll keep spreading the word – I hope, in all the turmoil, you can find the strength you need to keep going and to stand together. We are cheering you on from the sidelines always, even when you cannot hear us.


    1. carstenshayley says:

      Thank you so much, your comment is remarkable.. we have worldwide support and prayers, I can’t believe the distances my piece of writing has travelled regardless of other news on Zimbabwe.. thank you so much for your time to read my piece, time to comment and for your lovely words..

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      1. David Beevers says:

        I am here in Bulawayo. Have been to town this morning. All peanceful. Police at Petra School. Had to collect my son from Masiyephambili Junior School at 0930. Only 3 children in his class. We are continuing to pray. All church prayers Saturday morning 0900-1200 City Pentecostal Assembly cnr Jason Moyo/5th Ave.


      2. carstenshayley says:

        At least bulawayo is peaceful today! I haven’t yet been into the Harare CBD but I’m sure I will have to soon enough. Prayer is all that some can do, including myself.. I wish I could do more and help more but I’m incapable in this situation. Good luck in Bulawayo, thoughts to Skies…


  9. encounters says:

    I am Zimbabwean living in the diaspora as a result of how the ruling party has treated those with opposing views.
    I was born and bred in Gweru the city I love dearly, the city of round abouts. My heart is broken by what our nation has become insignificant on the world stage. What happened on Wednesday was huge where the ordinary citizens took steps to determine their destiny. That courage and determination never made news headlines in the world news papers that is how insignificant Zimbabwe has become.
    If ever there is a nation which is resilient and patient Zimbabwe is. The people have given the government time to govern justly by not rebelling yet government took and continue to take people for granted because it knows Zimbabwe and it’s people does not matter any more in the eyes of the world.
    Thank you for this brilliant post which reminds people that Zimbabwe is still there. It seems even the United Nations does not seem to be hearing the voice of Zimbabweans.
    I join you and say, “Hello! is anyone out there Can any one hear us? “


  10. Helen Millson says:

    My heart will ALWAYS be in Zimbabwe, I have lived in UK for the past 10 years and am returning to SA in October, as my love of Africa does not go away. My first choice is definitely Zimbabwe and so hopefully one day I can return there. I never stop dreaming of that wonderful country (where I grew up)!


  11. Hope says:

    Zimbabwe needs people like you to stay positive to have hope and faith that all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose, Bless you. xx


  12. Toni says:

    You are not an Echo, those memories of a Land so special is carried in the hearts of many hundreds of thousands of people.


  13. Mary Lou de Wit says:

    Hello and Hooray, at long last the people of Zimbabwe have had enough. Geez thought they would just continue to allow Mugabe and his Clan and Cronies to continue abusing them forever. May the Davids slay Goliath, and forge a new way forward. Hang in there, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. However Grace must go too!


  14. shirley ratcliffe says:

    If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Christians need to unite. God is faithful.one can put a thousand to flight, but 2 can put 10,000 to flight. Spiritual warware must be done. The battle is fought on our knees. May God place His hedge of protection around you. My prayers are with you. I was born in Byo, but live in USA now. You are not alone.


  15. Mary says:

    Please take time to read this as it may inspire you to either join this group and pray for your country or form your own group based on what these good people are doing.
    With. love and compassion Mary ❤️

    Help Make A Year of Miracles Possible -JAMES TWYMAN

    James Twyman will travel to 12 countries at war starting in August. Millions of people will join in each synchronized meditation.

    We need your help to make this year of miracles possible. You’re already aware of the prayer vigil that took place for the Syrian people on February 1st. Millions of people focused their prayers of peace at the same moment James and leaders from the three Abrahamic religions gathered on a hill overlooking an ISIS held village. The momentum was overwhelming, and it was obvious that we had struck a miraculous chord.

    What would happen if we came together for a powerful synchronized meditation every month!

    Starting in August, James and members of The World Peace Prayer Society will travel to 12 different countries where our prayers are desperately needed. Our focus in August will be nuclear disarmament. We begin in Hiroshima on the anniversary of the first atomic explosion. Then each month we’ll call our Peace Prayer Partners together as we travel to a different country where war and conflict seems to rage.

    The expense of such an sacred endeavor is enormous, and we have several creative ways we’ll be reaching out for support. This is the first…

    We’re looking for 12 people willing to commit to covering the cost of a single flight to one of our peace prayer destinations.

    If we had 12 people who are this committed, then we will be well on our way. If you feel called to be one of these Peace Angels, or if your church or organization chooses to be involved, then you will join the journey in a very special way. We’ll bring a picture of you or your group with us and share your story and generosity with the people we are there to serve. The average flight overseas is $800-$1400, but we can also accept air miles as a donation. All we need is 12 people to be committed to this vision of peace to make this a reality. Imagine how much love and light this will generate around the world.

    If we have 12 people, each of whom choosing to cover the cost
    of one flight over the next 12 months,
    we can bring the miracle of peace to so many in need.

    If this is something you can commit to, just reply to this email and let us know. Please give us your phone number and we’ll be in touch right away.

    James Twyman

    James Twyman 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #177 Portland, Oregon 97214 United States (503) 278-7331


  16. mags turner says:

    Until you guys get rid of that monster Mugabe your lives will not change. He is a dictator and everyone is scared of him. Stand up for yourself s and your country, it belongs to you.


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